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Last Modified on August 5, 2020
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  1. Angela R. Edwards

    Author Jessica McCracken’s, Transparency in the Heavenly Realm is a God-inspired piece of literary art that will speak to the heart and very soul of its readers. The biblical knowledge displayed, heartfelt prayers, and inspirational words penned therein are intended to not only educate and uplift the readers, but also direct them to the feet of our Father in Heaven – which she does effectively in laymen’s terms. Author Jessica’s audience will surely be blessed by this book as they continue on the path to righteousness leading up to that great day when everyone will kneel around God’s throne and He says to His faithful children, “Well done”.

    As Editor of Author Jessica’s book, I was honored to learn that God chose me to be the vessel through which her book sprang to life before her very eyes. I look forward to more from her as God paves the way and grants her endurance to share with, educate, and encourage the masses.

    Angela R. Edwards, CEO
    Pearly Gates Publishing LLC
    Houston, TX (USA)

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